About Us

Sky Unlimited, Inc. custom imprints cups, napkins, plates, and coasters. How we got to the vanguard of the drinkware industry and the different markets we serve is very unique. 

In 1972 Jim Claggett founded Sky Unlimited as an aircraft management company. Providing pilot services and aircraft management services in the heyday of aviation proved to be very successful as he incorporated the business in 1978. As the log book grew thick with many interesting flights and passengers, his entrepreneurial spirit was calling again.  

This is where the classic “saw a need and filled it” story comes in. The year was 1985 and as an aircraft operator, Mr. Claggett saw the need for a mail order catalog of custom imprinted galley supplies that discerning aircraft owners could simply pick up the phone and order. The American Cabin Supply catalog was created. The idea being that we would take orders of custom imprinted cups and napkins from corporate pilots, outsource the printing, and would be nothing but order takers. He quickly found that the reliability of these printers was not acceptable, so without any printing experience, Mr. Claggett bought a screen printing press and started printing the cups and napkins in-house. Ann Claggett, his wife, would set the foundation for the impeccable customer service that these discerning customers expect. American Cabin Supply became members of the National Business Aircraft Association and exhibited at their annual tradeshow. The show and catalog was a success from day one. 

This is the story of how a company can start out as an aircraft management company and end up as a decorator of drinkware, but it does not end there…

In 1986 Sky Unlimited, Inc. was looking for other markets to expand the drinkware operation into. They found the Promotional Products Industry. So once again, they created a new catalog called American Accents. The Promotional Products Industry is unique in that you have suppliers that print promotional items, and distributors that sell these custom imprinted items to the end users. American Accents is a supplier of disposable Drinkware to the promotional products industry. Our products are only sold through authorized distributor. Once again, we are on the vanguard of this industry as when we got into it, the average lead time was 15 days and the minimums were relatively high. Now, the standard lead time is 5 days, with the same day turn time not uncommon for custom imprinted cups, napkins, plates, and coasters. 

By 1997 the Claggett’s were now enjoying some of the fruits of their labor on board their yacht Eagle’s Nest. With their new found love for yachting they expanded the drinkware operation to included a new catalog named American Yacht Supply, geared toward boat owners and other marine industries. 

Today Jim and Ann Claggett are retired. With the 2nd generation in the captain’s seat, things have not slowed down. We now make and design our own printing equipment for our own use, and as always, use technology to improve our service and efficiency. And if you’re wondering about aviation, yes we’re still actively involved. 

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